WoW Adventures...Gold Box Style

A Gathering Of Heroes

The characters start at different points of Kalimdor, engaged in their own lives with one cord joining them together – an identical silver key that each one of them possess.


Mistilly 'Rage' RageTotem, a Tauren monk, outcast from the RageTotem tribe, was communing spiritually with the aspects of nature when the silver key activated, delivering this message from a mystical ord of light:

"Ye who carries the key to NeMoren's vault is rightful heir to his bounty. Almost a decade has passed since his demise and, in accordance with his last will, the bearers of the keys to the vault are his rightful beneficiaries. In seven days meet in Ratchet, capital city of the Barrens. Ask for Raphael at the Harlot's Heart. Honour the last wishes of a good man and set his spirit to rest."

So Rage answered the call, starting his lone trek across Kalimdor to the city of Rachet.


Summoned to one of the elder shaman's of Thrall's new Horde, Gorax was given a silver key and told to follow it to meet his destiny and honour his ancestors. As a service to the new Horde, the elder shaman (Drog) asks that Gorax try and convince any 'wild' orcs to rejoin the tribe – failing that, honour Thrall and send the others to see their forbearers in the spirit world.

Days later the silver key delivered its message, and Gorax started to prepare to leave. Not an hour after hearing the message, his brother Gozer rushed into his tent, explaining that he'd been given a quest by the gods from his silver key!


The silver key that Gozer had 'obtained' from a Warlock called pasty, led his brother and him to the independent city of Rachet. Honouring the gods of Azeroth, the will of his ancestors, and the responsibility of looking after his twin brother, Gozer and Gorax joined a caravan that was heading to Rachet. Safety in numbers they say…


Travelling to Rachet, more specifically the Harlot's Heart, as the key mentioned was a big change for Magnus when compared to the humanity of Kalimdor. However, the lure of adventure as well as honouring a dead man's last wishes is too much to refuse and he soon found himself outside the decrepit inn…after he laid a few silver across the palm of a goblin or two for directions.

Gripping the silver key of NeMoren tightly, he entered the inn and found few patrons in the worn down building – a couple of bar flies, two orcs that look to already have drunk more than their fair share and a tauren, taking up two seats, more concerned with meditating than drinking the strong-smelling brew sat before him. Not wanting to seem out of place, Magnus took a seat in one of the spare booths and ordered a tasty beverage from the barmaid as he waited for the mysterious man called 'Raphael"...



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