WoW Adventures...Gold Box Style

I'm a plannin'

Will he finish in time???

Still in the planning stages and am frantically trying to get the adventure 
and 3.5Ed rules around my head - first time GMing and pretty much first 
time playing.
Hopefully it will all work out - I have to say that knowing really only the 
Greyhawk and Forgotten Realms settings the WoW world is, at least to 
me, quite a bit different.
Does not help that I actually do not play the game!


Get your self together man! How much time have you had for this?! :P

I'm a plannin'

So long as I’m not GM-ing I don’t care how crappy it is…

I'm a plannin'

Spoken like someone who truly understand how burdensome it is to be a GM! Three cheers for the guys behind the screen who give us monsters to kill!

I'm a plannin'

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