WoW Adventures...Gold Box Style

The Gauntlet - Part Two

During the pit crossing, as only Mistlilly ‘Rage’ Ragetotem  and Gozer had managed to pass over the pit, and as if to add insult to injury, four more of the miniature cavemen appeared from the eastern area of the cave. Laughing, while also making whistling and rasping noises similar to those made by rats, the diminutive creatures launched small, hair and wooden hybrid spears in the party's direction – a couple landed home, skewering Gozer with the small needle-like javelins.

Angered by their audacity Gozer pursued his tiny tormentors, reaching them all in but a few steps. Dodging the initial attacks of the hairy creatures, Gozer was able to slaughter one of the little critters in a single blow. The little hairballs then made a quick withdrawal; one of them however was too slow and fell to Gozer's battleaxe. The party gave chase, Gozer in the lead as he tried to stay within sight of the hairy little cretins. The passageway opened out before Gozer – out into a large cavern with a huge gash across its centre wall to wall. The chase continued with the little humanoids leaping over the ledge in the centre of the cave feet first – one at a time the small creatures leapt into the chasm, their small, shepherd-like crooks held out before them. Gozer ploughed forward, anger raised by the little monsters and their twice fold attacks on the party. However, the booming voice of Magnus Khelidan and his command to "Gozer – Stop Now!" was sufficient to halt the orc in his tracks – fortunately so as Magnus Khelidan had spotted a trap of setup at the entry to the chamber. A series of fish hooks had been strung up across the cavern entrance in such a way as to catch any humanoid figure that was over three feet in height.

Taking the time to cut away the snare, the characters moved hesitantly into the cavern. They found a twenty foot wide chasm cutting across the dungeon corridor, the sound of splashing water emanated from the chasm floor which was lost in the darkness. On the stone floor across the expanse, a visored helmet sat on the ground. A similar situation was present on the party's side of the chasm – a lone, visored helm, rusted with age and exposure to salty air, lay on the ground.

Ziplines stretched across the breadth of the cavern, leading to a small hole found in the chasm ledge. The scent of the little hairy men lingered throughout the cavern as their rat-like laughter echoed throughout the cavern's entirety.

Sure enough the party found themselves under attack sooner rather than later – the minute cave-goblins started to hurl darts from out under the strategically located helmet houses. Sick of being their porcupine, Gozer ran over to the helmet closest to him, lifting it up to find one of the annoying creatures underneath. The little critter skittered away before he was able to do anything about it. Not so the hairball in the helmet across the chasm – Magnus Khelidan summoned an arcane bolt that splattered the little critter into naught but tiny pieces.

Crossing the chasm proved to be more of a challenge for the intrepid adventurers – while Mistlilly ‘Rage’ Ragetotem and Gozer made the crossing with ease unfortunately Magnus Khelidan and Gorax were nowhere near as graceful and plummeted down the chasm's depth – only an unimpressive 20 feet or so. The two characters were able to escape the bitterly cold water via a rope lift supplied by Gozer and Mistlilly ‘Rage’ Ragetotem. The party gathered itself, lit another torch and decided to continue plumbing the depths of the dungeon…

After the joy of being attacked by living hairballs and being dunked in freezing cold water, the party was quite happy to see the other side of the chasm recede from their torchlight. The cavern, having diminished to a five foot wide tunnel yet again, widened out again into an area around twenty five feet or so wide. At the chamber's widest point there was a low wall of mortared stones – the mortar appeared to be both smelly and slimy while also giving off a putrid smell (similar to the company of two orcs and a tauren?). The wall dividing the room was around eight feet tall and the height of the cavern a total of fifteen feet.

After much prodding, pulling, pushing and attempted breaking of the wall Gozer and Mistlilly ‘Rage’ Ragetotem made their way (eventually) to the top of the wall, finding that the wall itself was only a foot thick with a wide wooden shelf running parallel to the ground behind it. They could also make out a door in the chamber wall opposite – words looked to be carved into it but were not clearly visible from the top of the ledge due to bad light and the tauren STD that Mistlilly ‘Rage’ Ragetotem had caught when he was but a calf (made him partly blind!).

Rust Monster - Courtesy of

Mistlilly ‘Rage’ Ragetotem strained his ears as he picked up a kind of shuffling under the ledge just as tentacles reached from under the shelf and attacked Gozer. His pack was ripped open, pots and pans crashing to the floor as the orc-come-chef scrambled along the ledge. Mistlilly ‘Rage’ Ragetotem launched himself off the precipice, confronting the creatures to give the others a chance to escape through the door on the other side of the chamber. The now identified pair of rust monsters were both busy eating their newfound metal as Gorax and Magnus Khelidan also made their way across the chamber. Gozer, concerned with the safety of his weapons, retreated off the platform as cradled his blades, concerned the rust monsters voracious appetite for metal.

Nearing the door on the other side of the chamber it was but child's play to Magnus Khelidan to decipher the riddle, written on the door, and hence unlock the wooden portal. The characters took little time to make their way through the doorway, stopping only to see the whereabouts of Gozer. Mistlilly ‘Rage’ Ragetotem, convinced his valiant attempts to battle the creatures were doing very little, also sought refuge through the open portal across the length of the chamber.

Still concerned for his axes, Gozer threw several pitons (spikes) as well as several handfuls of gold away from his position on the ledge – hopeful that the availability of an easy meal would dissuade the rust monsters from attacking his precious equipment. Luckily for orc the rust monsters were distracted by the meal – he was able to follow his comrades and exit the chamber – door closed securely behind them.



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